Tax laws change on a daily basis. This is why it's important to have professional and
competent tax advisors on your side that work diligently with taxes. All day, every
day, all year!! Our office has a trained staffed of professional tax advisors having a
combined total of fifteen years working experience for the Internal Revenue Service.

This foundation has helped build our unique organizations to the level of highest
standards. We use sophisticated tax software as to reinforce our professional tax
advisor's training of tax law to interpret the law by using proactive strategies will
maximize your refund! This highly sophisticated tax software also helps minimize
any chance of human error. We cover any and all areas dealing with taxes. Not only
are we trained in taxes, but we are also bonded and licensed by the department of
banking and finance to do mortgages. That's right, we are a mortgage broker
financial institution! We assist our self employed buyers in attaining a home,
refinancing their current homes or with the purchase of a newer home.

We Have Clients In The Following States/ Locations
       ALABAMA           CALIFORNIA          COLORADO
       ALASKA               FLORIDA                GEORGIA
       ILLINOIS              INDIANA                 KENTUCKY
       MICHIGAN           MISSISSIPPI           NEBRASKA
       NEVADA              OHIO                       PENNSYLVANIA
       S. CAROLINA       TENNESSEE           
       TEXAS                  VIRGINIA              WASHINGTON DC
       SAN JUAN             IRAN                     AFGHANISTAN
       DUBAI                  DOMINICA            BAHAMAS
       SWEDEN              TURKEY                JAPAN    
       ABU DHABI

We would love to service your family, friends, co-workers in their respective
states/locations. We believe we are equipped in training, years of
experience and education to provide quality service in tax preparation,
audit representation or collections.

We Believe In Charging.......
  A FAIR Price For A FAIR Service To
FAIR                          Homeowners, Businesses and
Organizations                           Because ......

                                           ....... WE ARE FAIR PEOPLE

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